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Tabsal Composites de Madera was founded in 1999 by INDUSTRIAS CARSAL, a company created in 1952 dedicated to manufacturing doors from 1966 until 2014, when they transferred their activities to Dimoldura Doors.
The development of both, the product and the facilities, are the result of intense and prolonged R&D efforts carried out by the parent company, which contributed to making Tabsal what it is today.

Tabsal is a small and highly automated production unit which uses exclusive in-house technology. Key differentiators setting it apart are how it obtains particles, their geometry, and its pressing process.
Lignumstrand is a wood engineered material composed of long pseudo-triangular section particles, strands, aligned and mixed with polyurethane glue, that pressed via steam injection and subjected to various controls during this process, carried out with the help of modern computers that make possible sustained production, and overseen by a team of highly-qualified staff.


  • The process begins with the purchase and reception of the wood, specifically poplar or pine logs from sustainable cutting, which are then stacked and stored in the timber yard.
  • The logs first go through the debarker before introduced into the strander. The resulting wood strands are subsequently stored in a silo that regulates their entry into the dryer, where the moisture is set at the appropriate values.
  • The resulting material is stored in a second silo, where the dried particles are dosed out into the gluing machine.
  • At this stage glue is added in a controlled manner, and the material is then transported to a forming station, where the wood strands are oriented and the pile or mat is formed. Once this is formed and adequate weight has been verified, it is introduced into the press, where the material is subjected to steam injection and a certain amount of pressure until it reaches the desired thickness and density, and the glue has dried. Once this process is complete the weight is verified again and the elasticity modulus is measured, allowing us to determine the degree of the glue’s drying. This information, together with the weight, determines whether the product is either approved or rejected.
  • The product is then subject to a metal detector to determine whether any metal particles have entered during the fabrication process, in which case the piece is rejected.
  • Once cooled, it is then calibrated and sawed according to customer specifications.


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Tabsal y LignumStrand
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Composites de madera Tabsal
Composites de madera Tabsal
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