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Lignumstrand is composed of wood particles that boast the highest resistance to bending produced achieved to date.


This is a laminated strand lumber composite (LSL), manufactured from long wood strands, oriented longitudinally and glued by a polyurethane adhesive.
Extremely homogeneous and very compact pieces are obtained thanks to the special pseudotriangular section of the particle and the pressing and steam injection processes employed. No large voids can be seen, which are common with Oriented Strand Board (OSB), nor is there any difference between the inner and outer layers. We can say that its homogeneity actually resembles that of natural wood.
 LignumStrand have the stability that the solid wood lacks, and thus, the completely stable behavior in the long term, due to its composition and our manufacturing process.


Usos de Lignum Strand Usos de Lignum Strand largueros de puerta mixtos casa de entramado ligero

It is made of poplar wood, one of the best in terms of its weight to strength ratio, which we reinforce during the pressing process, likening it to hardwoods such as beech or oak.
The use of polyurethane resins for gluing purposes results in its E1 formaldehyde content classification, but unlike other E1 products emissions are nil in this case, as the glue used in the process does not contain this compound.
The finished pieces measure up to 8.20 x 0.62 meters, and can be between 30 - 100 mm thick.


Technical data

Thickness 40mm. Averages values.

Characteristic European Norme Units Type Tolerance
Trade name CH-65 CH-70 CH-80
Density UNE-EN-323 Kg/m3 650 700 800 +/-7%
Moisture UNE-EN-322 % 9 9 9 +/-3%
Módulus of Elasticity - face UNE-EN-408 N/mm2 8.100 9.300 12.700
Modulus of Rupture - face UNE-EN-408 N/mm2 34 39 45
Módulus of Elasticity - edge UNE-EN-408 N/mm2 7.800 8.500 11.800
Modulus of Rupture - edge UNE-EN-408 N/mm2 33 37 41
Internal Bond UNE-EN-319 N/mm2 30 35 39
Formaldehyde UNE-EN-120 mg/100g E1 E1 E1

Uses and applications


Lingnumstrand aplicaciones · Bastidores puertas

This product is used as stiffening stiles in technical doors, in order to furnish the door with greater resistance to twisting, when there are two different climates on each side of the door, for example.
Certain manufacturers also use Lignumstrand CH-80 in the making of the internal doorframe for doors able to resist fire for 30 - 60 minutes.
Others use it combined with natural wood on the outside of the door for high-quality interior doorframes, due to its high stability.
In the photo one can see the latter use of the Lignustrand / wood combination.



Lignumstrand is being used to manufacture modern furniture in its natural state, such as living room modules, as seen in the photo.
Likewise, when covered with a natural veneer it is used on certain parts of furniture, such as legs and the structures of dining or coffee tables, bed beams, etc. What is sought in this application is strength and stability.

Billiard tables


This application is very demanding, primarily in terms of stability. The amount of resistance, high elasticity module and stability make Lignumstrand the ideal material for the construction of billiard tables.


Its high degree of elasticity module, as well as resistance to breakage, not to mention the great stability Lignumstrand offers, make it particularly suitable for indoor stairs,  for the stringers and the treads, both with their natural appearance or covered with a variety of materials, including carpets.

Wooden constructions

Using Lignumstrand for wooden constructions is by far the most popular use of laminated strand lumber in the USA, due to the traditional construction of light frame houses there. In these cases the product is used for wall studs and partitions, lintels for doors and windows, rim board, base and top plates, etc.
Other applications of this wood in the building world could include floors; thanks to its great MOR and MOE it makes possible a greater separation between beams than standard OSB. Lignumstrand was used in this manner for the construction of the Spanish Pavilion at the International Expo in Zaragoza, 2008.


Some uses

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